Coffee Kiosk

Connect by Cafe Coffee Day

Inspired by that tree on many a campus (under whose shade, coffees and conversations have lead to numerous Aha! moments) we bring you Coffee Day Connect. Because every time there’s a seed of a new idea, there’s got to be a coffee machine to fuel the thought and inspire people to share.

Presenting a unique ‘third space’ – a breakout zone in your office, executive floors or reception lobby.

No-frill setups

Clean and Modular unit
Easy to assemble
Ample Lighting
Perfect to spark new ideas
Warm and inviting space for positivity, creativity and interaction

The wish-giving tree

At Connect, we boast of an integrated coffee approach. We offer frothy cappuccinos to kick start your day, munchies for midday pangs, refreshing teas for afternoon slumps and hot soups for those late nights in.

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